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Student Outreach Opportunities


Chapel filled with students during our annual ministry fair

Student outreach opportunities are a vital part of the University of Valley Forge (UVF) curriculum. They provide opportunities for meaningful integration of classroom instruction and practical training through off-campus experiences. Student outreach opportunity requirements are integrated into the academic requirements for many classes and assignments are detailed in each applicable course syllabi.

Students will receive emails and postings throughout the semester making them aware of opportunities for ministry. A Ministry Fair is held at the beginning of the year where local churches and student teams make the student body aware of the ministries in which they can be involved and outreaches of which they can be a part. Students with a specific interest are encouraged to contact the Intercultural Ministries Department. Beyond the academic requirements, UVF strongly recommends ministry involvement so every student may be acquainted with different aspects of ministry.


Ministry and outreach opportunities include serving in area churches and children’s ministries; getting involved in Chi Alpha college and university ministries, ministry to the homeless and senior citizens, and Teen Challenge and prison ministry; as well as participating in personal evangelism, church planting, summer camps, Community Service Day, and urban and foreign missions trips, etc. Information regarding all current missions trip opportunities is available through the Intercultural Ministries Department.

Two UVF students spreading mulch for Community Service Day