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10 Ways To Mourn Summer

10 Ways To Mourn Summer

Hello UVF! Welcome back, or if this is your first year, then welcome! New beginnings are exciting, but ending a chapter can also be sad. With that being said, I’ve compiled a list of ways to say goodbye to summer and hello to the new semester!

1.  Make lists.
Making lists doesn’t seem like the ideal way to say goodbye to summer, but it motivates your brain to be productive. Write a list of goals for the semester or things you want to do or accomplish during your years in college.

2. Plan a shopping trip.
You know all the money you saved up during the summer? Make a plan for some retail therapy with your friends or roommates and make your dorm or apartment feel more homey. There’s something about walking around Target that just makes you feel a little better about going back to school. Don’t forget to budget for special times like this!

3. Plan a movie night with your roommate or friends.
Everyone needs a break from the semester now and then. Plan a night to go check out that new blockbuster film in theaters or rent something from Redbox. Or, if that’s not your style, invite a friend to binge-watch a new Netflix show until your eyes burn. Either one works.

4. Accept the fact that it’s going to be cold…soon.
Ah yes, sweater weather. Brace yourselves.

5. Do something fun to welcome fall.
As the weather gets cooler, leaves start to change, apples will be ready to pick, and that means fun fall activities! Go explore a corn maze or grab a camera and do a fall photoshoot!

6. Set aside time to call home to your family.
Even though they can annoy you, family matters. You’re going to miss them while you’re in school, so making some time to call home and check on everyone will probably make your parents’ day. Tell them about the quiz you aced and ask how your little brother’s goldfish is doing. These little moments mean a lot to them and it’ll mean a lot to you too!

7. Find little things to get excited about.
Whether it’s the new coffee you just bought, or getting to know your roommate better, look for those little things and get excited.

8. Get yourself on a schedule.
We all know what your sleep habits were over the summer, mostly because I know what mine were: TERRIBLE. Establish and stick to a reasonable bedtime. Start setting your alarms a little earlier every day. Being able to wake up in the morning feeling well-rested and not rushing to get ready is such a good feeling.

9. Explore the sights in Phoenixville or Philly.
UVF is located in an awesome little town with so many cool places to visit and things to see! We’ve compiled two lists of some great ones, so check them out here and here!

10. Keep your best days ahead of you.
Last but not least, keep your thoughts positive and look forward to this next season. Fall into happiness. The ending of summer and coming of fall means Christmas is getting closer!

I hope these tips helped you to get a little more excited for school! Remember to keep your head up and keep smiling!


Written by Laura Micari