Alumni Hospitality Team Helps With Check-In - University of Valley Forge

Alumni Hospitality Team Helps With Check-In

Alumni Hospitality Team Helps With Check-In

The weather was perfect, and the air was filled with excitement as students arrived on the University of Valley Forge (UVF) campus on August 23, 2018. This year, a new group was included on Check-In Day: Alumni. Our new Alumni Association President and Vice President, Kim Keinath and Rich Jones, were joined by Jordon Diaz (2017), Tim Gruber (2011), Nat Knoll (2013), Susan LaPooh (1988), Ben Rivera (1993), and Krystal Rodriquez (2018) in welcoming new students and their families and helping them take their belongings to their dorm rooms.

“It is our goal for students to be connected to the overall UVF Alumni family from the first day they arrive on campus,” says Kim Keinath. “We want to be present and accessible to the students throughout their years here.” Each student was given a little bag of candy on behalf of the Alumni Association as a way to say, “We’re glad you are here!”

Not only was this a way to reach out to the students, but it was also a way for alumni to be able to give back to their alma mater. In reflecting on her experience on this team, Sue LaPooh wrote, “It was great to get to speak with other alumni and walk down memory lane a bit. But it was even greater to be able to reassure new students and parents that UVF is a great choice by being able to tell them how much I loved my time there.” Jordon Diaz commented, “Families certainly enjoyed it and were able to get an understanding of the University through the lens of the alumni.”

Thank you to the Alumni Hospitality Team for giving of your time to bless our students!