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Campus Community at UVF

UVF Students Ice skating

Campus Community at UVF

The University of Valley Forge (UVF) has plenty of great events going on around campus to encourage a deep and lasting sense of unity and friendship among students. Whatever the season, something is always happening at UVF to get everyone involved. For the month of February, the main events were the Super Bowl Party, Neon Night event, and Night on the Ice event.

Sunday, February 4, 2018 was a historic day for Philadelphians as the Eagles won their first Super Bowl in NFL history. At UVF, students joined in on the fun by watching the game together in the Flower Chapel. Fans of both teams came, making a total turnout of over 150 students, all cheering as the chapel lights flashed team colors after every score. Couches and ping pong tables, as well as pizza, wings, and pretzels, were brought in for the party, but the most memorable part of the evening – aside from the great win and maybe the Tide commercials – was the fantastic raffle giveaway. Students were handed a ticket on the way in and given the opportunity to earn more tickets by answering Super Bowl trivia throughout the first half. At halftime, the winning ticket was drawn, and one lucky student left with a brand new TV! The party was a real win for students, and everyone had a super time.

Another great event was the Neon Night event. This is the second time the Student Cabinet has hosted a Neon Night and once again, it was a hit. The Flower Chapel was transformed into a laser tag maze, and prizes were given to the winners of the tournament. More fun awaited in the Anvil as students played video games, board games, enjoyed snacks, and watched a fun movie. The whole building was filled with laughter, and students had a great time playing and getting away from the stress of college life.

In addition to these events, UVF offers even more fun for students. One way they get together is through off-campus activities like the recent Night on the Ice event at a local rink. Another way to connect is through a little friendly competition, such as in this month’s basketball tournament dorm competition, and the upcoming Rookie video contest. Sports, clubs, student-led ministries, and newly-implemented dorm chapels contribute to the atmosphere of togetherness as well. It’s no wonder that with so much to offer on this close-knit campus, the UVF community is thriving and continues to grow stronger!