Community Service Day 2018 - University of Valley Forge

Community Service Day 2018

Group Photo of Community Service Day

Community Service Day 2018

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 was the University of Valley Forge’s (UVF) 16th annual Community Service Day (CSD) – a day set aside for students, faculty, and staff to show the love of God to Phoenixville and the surrounding community by being the hands and feet of Jesus. The early spring morning dawned crisp and clear as students gathered by zones – neighborhood streets, residential areas, parks, and local organizations – in the Flower Chapel for corporate worship, encouragement, and time together before heading out. One of the CSD leaders, senior Chase Hornberger, spoke to the students about how “faith without works is dead” and how, by serving the community, UVF students are able to put their faith to work.

After prayer and dismissal, students headed to the buses and were dropped off in their zones to serve as needed – doing yard work, landscaping, picking up trash, painting, and cleaning – until lunches were brought around, after which they continued until the work was finished. Along with Hornberger, senior Alyssa David and junior Megan Freed were this year’s Community Service Day leaders.

Members of the community waved and honked as they drove by, thanking students for their hard work and applauding their service to the community: a generous man for whom a team was cleaning and helping with a building project bought the students pizza as a thank-you for their hard work. Some students were even able to pray with individuals and minister the gospel to them.

When asked why Community Service Day is important, senior Stephen Monserrate shared, “I think Community Service Day is awesome because we get to exemplify what we’re learning in classes about being the hands and feet of God. So going out on this day and serving everybody and asking how we can influence our community as Christians, we can reach out to those who maybe haven’t heard the word before.”

UVF Director of Operations Julia Patton said, “I think it makes a big impact on people who otherwise don’t always interact with Valley Forge students. I grew up in Phoenixville and my family lives in Phoenixville, so I always get lots of comments, lots of ‘thank-you’s, lots of ‘hey, the college kids were out, I saw them, that’s really great,’ so I think it really impacts even people we’re not talking to, they see the service and they appreciate it.” Sophomore Brandy Del Gallego said she loves Community Service Day because “it’s refreshing to be able to help serve those who have served us in our journey here at Valley Forge.”

The University of Valley Forge would like to thank this year’s sponsors for their support and donations for another successful Community Service Day. Thank you to: Phoenixville Federal Bank & Trust, Rotary Club of Phoenixville, OWM Law Firm, Campbell-Ennis-Klotzbach Funeral Home, Chester County Food Bank, Crystal Springs, Eagle Wolfington Leasing Corporation, Frees Insurance, The Great American Cleanup Project, Petrucci’s, Ray “The Snack Man,” Phoenixville Community Health Foundation, and Senator Andrew Dinniman.

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