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Find Your Superpower

Find Your Superpower

In honor of Incredible 2 coming out today, here’s a fun article about superpowers.

Here’s a secret: everyone has a superpower. Here’s another secret: most people have more than one. I know, you’re thinking of super strength and telepathy and fire bending, but that’s just a story made up by the government to keep you in the dark. Superpowers don’t (often) look like that. Real powers are subtler, but just as impressive and way more important. They can take any form, so it might be difficult to recognize, but heroes are everywhere. And it is time, young warrior, to take up your heavy mantle and join them. All you need to do is find your superpower. *Cue training montage*

Your power could be anything, from super smell to super baking. Sometimes it takes a little soul-searching, so here’s how to determine your power once and for all. First, you’re good at it. Some powers take time to develop. It may just be budding, or perhaps that radioactive spider is still sharpening its fangs, so be patient with this step. Second, you enjoy it. Even if your power is a natural extension of yourself – like super balance – if you don’t like using it, it’s not your true power.

There are some crucial things to remember when discovering your power. It doesn’t have to be obvious or earthshattering. In fact, most of the time it won’t be. Contrary to popular belief (and popular culture), superpowers function in the realm of subtlety. That way there’s no need for secret identities. In the same vein, your power doesn’t have to be acknowledged to be real. People may even criticize it, or try to tell you it can’t be your power at all. If you listen to them, your power will fade and vanish.

Maybe you’ve found your power already. That’s great! To make it truly super, though, you must use it for the greater good; otherwise it’s just a talent. If you’re a super knitter, it’s up to you to knit the world a better place. If typing is your power, you better be typing something great. The same is true of all gifts, talents, and skills. Use them at all, and they become a power. Use them correctly, and they become a superpower.

Here’s one last secret: all superpowers, from super speed to super fashion sense, are important. Even if the good they do works just one person at a time, it will always be the right power for the right time, and all powers taken together make the world a better place. Every superpower creates a hero.

What’s your power and how are you going to make it super?


Written by Olivia Gordon