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How to Prep for Finals and Take Over the World

How to Prep for Finals and Take Over the World

Finals season is upon us! *distant screaming* Never fear: when it comes to all those final essays, projects, and exams, I’ve got you covered with my patented* exam prep studying techniques. Interestingly, these tips also apply to world domination. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to rocking those finals and finishing strong! (And taking over the world.)
*These tips are not patented.


1. Make a plan!
The best study plans are those that start early and incorporate your learning styles and habits. One universal struggle, though, is focusing. My strategy is to rotate through my assignments! When I start getting bored of one thing, I move on to the next. That way, my brain gets the new input it needs to keep focused, and I’m still being productive. I don’t get to cross essays of the to-do list as frequently, but I actually get a lot more work done than if I had taken a complete study break instead.
A plan is also key to taking over the world. You definitely don’t want to impose your superior will over all humanity without a plan. Start with the broad action points, and then narrow in on the details. Rinse and repeat until you have at least 12 back-up plans and contingencies. Keep the entire plan in your mind, destroying all physical copies for security, and only inform others of their role on a need-to-know basis. You can even develop your plan in phases, so you don’t have to remember the whole thing at once, as that can lead to a lot of missteps.


2. Find a place!
Your environment definitely impacts the quality of your study time. Some people need complete silence – head to the library; others need a bit of a background buzz – study in the Anvil! The best place is where you feel the most productive and the most comfortable.
To take over the world, you need a base of operations. Choose a place that’s secluded and easily defensible, but not suspicious enough to garner too much attention – at least at first. Opulence is another must-have for your base. World domination is 30% style, after all. Plus, knowing you look good improves your confidence, and if you’re confident in you, your future subjects will be too!


3. Take it slow!
You’ve heard it a million times, but cramming for your finals doesn’t help, and neither will memorizing a few answers just to pass the exam. You’re here to learn the material, so take it slow and make sure you really understand the concepts you’re being tested on. That will ensure you know it long after finals week! When you need a break before the exams begin, come on out to Capeci Hall for Sidetracked on December 11th at 7 PM!
Rushing has killed many an empire. Don’t just barge into people’s lives and tell them what to do – win their trust first! Show them in small increments that your vision for the world is obviously the best. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and if your rule is going to be better, stronger, and longer, it’ll take twice as long. Patience can be hard to master, especially on the path to total control, so when it gets hard, just order your henchmen out on errands to satisfy your desire to command.


4. Work together!
Not all of us are blessed with a thousand voices in our heads whispering the answers we need. Therefore, taking advantage of all those external voices in our lives can be extremely valuable. If you don’t understand something, odds are someone you know does, and they’re just an ask away! The wonderful tutors at the Write Solution can help you out, too! In fact, they can help you prepare for finals as well as proofread your essays and projects for you!
It’s a big world! Teaming up with other like-minded dictators can ease the burden, and get the job done faster, for a time. Just remember to trust no one and aim for the heart 😉


5. Be flexible!
Finals is a season of unpredictability! You might forget things, or something might take longer than you expected. Try not to get caught up in all the little things that inevitably go wrong, the things you can’t change. Instead, keep a positive additude and move forward the best you can! You’ll make it!
Everything said above applies in taking over the world as well, but there’s the added stress that it’s never been done before. Don’t give up! Things are going to get tough, and you’ll face a lot of resistance at first. But if it were easy, everyone would do it! You’re obviously the only one who actually can, so keep believing in yourself!


Don’t tremble in the face of exams, projects, and essays – you have what you need to ace them all! Study hard and destroy those finals, fam! And when it comes to taking over the world, I’ll see you at the top!


Written by Olivia Gordon