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How to Stay Warm on Campus

How to Stay Warm on Campus

They call it the spring semester, but two-thirds of it actually happens in winter. It’s chilly. Like, we’re all very cold, and it’s all we can talk about. I figured sharing some survival skills was in order, so without further ado: how to stay warm on campus.


1. Space heater
Sometimes the dorms are freezing, sometimes they’re sweltering; either way, you have little control. The best way to plan for both is by getting a combination space heater and fan! You can get a great one for less than $100 and be comfortable all year long.


2. Layers
Of course, the same vastly differing temperature problem is true all over campus, and you can’t just drag around a household appliance. Solution: layers. It means that sometimes you’ll have to shed sweaters and hats, but when you have to make the inevitable trek across campus from one class to the other, you can do so with limited discomfort. Plus, jackets and coats come in handy for padding the hard plastic chairs in classrooms. They’re like a blanket and a pillow!


3. Warm drinks
Head over to Jazzman’s, the campus café, to get a nice hot coffee or tea. Not only is it delicious, but it will warm you up from the inside! If you can’t make it to Jazzman’s, you can keep a Keurig or coffee maker in your room and have 24/7 access to liquid coziness.


4. Activity!
The best way to get your blood pumping is by getting involved! Attending sports events is the best way to warm up with all that cheering and adrenaline – plus you’ll support the team and get to watch a great game! Check out the game schedule here!


5. Fall in love
Every book I’ve ever read says love is warm, and you’re living on a campus with a bunch of people your own age. Finding someone to hold your hand before your fingers go numb should be a cinch. And if it doesn’t work out, add blankets while sobbing into your pillow.


Don’t worry, my friends, spring is coming soon – with these tips, you’re sure to survive until then!


Written by Olivia Gordon