Rookie Film Festival 2018 - University of Valley Forge

Rookie Film Festival 2018

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Rookie Film Festival 2018

For the past several years, the University of Valley Forge (UVF) has held Rookie Video Contest as a fun and an exciting opportunity for students of all majors to creatively share the gospel in short videos. The challenge of Rookie is to take a Bible verse and apply it to a modern-day setting, then plan and produce the film within a month-long timeframe. The competition ends with an open viewing and awards ceremony where students get the chance to share their films and win prizes for their hard work.


This year, six teams entered the contest, and about 100 students came to the screening on February 28th. Attendees enjoyed Chick-Fil-A catering and popcorn, a raffle giveaway for $25 Wawa gift cards, and the chance to catch Rookie t-shirts thrown into the crowd. The real highlight, of course, was the videos! Student teams went all out this year and shared their creativity in unique ways. Some videos had the audience roaring with laughter, while others provoked a more thoughtful tone.


In the end, winning videos were chosen based on their technical proficiency and the impact they carried. First, second, and third place were each presented with a cash award and earned bragging rights for the rest of their time at UVF. The prize is well deserved for these videos’ professional quality and powerful biblical messages. Check out the winning videos below!

1. Follow the Beat

Jarrett Moses
Leo Gonzalez

2. Fear and Trembling

Megan Bard
Caleb Goldberg
Austin Pacheco
Amanda Sigman

3. 1917

Blaine Cooper
Kyle Rodriguez
Conner Robinson

Congratulations to all the students who participated – we look forward to seeing your entries next year!