20 Years of Community Service - UVF

20 Years of Community Service

20 Years of Community Service

This year’s Community Service Day marked twenty years for the University of Valley Forge! We have loved being able to give back to the community surrounding us who have supported us so well for so many years. Every April, our students go out as the hands and feet of Jesus, putting the servant leadership they learn on campus into action. Here is what some voices of UVF had to say!

“The community of the team was so strong that even the rain could not stop us. One moment I think of is be the song a part of the team made during the day, seeing everyone serve with such joy . If the Lord has done this for 20 years and it is so good, then I can not wait for the next 20 years. God will do amazing things.” – Paul Nadrowski (CSD Team Leader)

“My favorite part of CSD is building relationships with my peers and building relationships with our community. It’s an amazing opportunity to interact with people that we might never get to meet otherwise. Best of all we get to serve them as the living hands and feet of Jesus! The most impactful part of CSD for me is just the gratitude of the community as we serve. Yet even if there were no thanks, it would be worth it! Since this year was the 20th anniversary of CSD, it’s really cool to reflect and think about all the teams that have paved the way and served in our community before us.” – Makaiah Pieart (CSD Team Leader)

“My favorite part of CSD is seeing our students come together to serve the community of Phoenixville. They always come back with new friends, fun memories, and testimonies of interactions of people in Phoenixville. One student shared that while serving in one of the parks, she struck up a conversation with a woman. That conversation led to an opportunity to pray for her and also an exchange of numbers. The student is planning on bringing her to church before the end of the semester. I’m thankful for the relationships that UVF has been able to make with our friends, neighbors, donors, and community through CSD. I believe Phoenixville is able to experience a part of our servant leadership culture each spring.” – Dre Mauerman (Campus Director)

We are grateful for the opportunity to spread the light and love of Christ to our community for the past two decades. We have seen Him work mightily and can’t wait to see how He continues to move on campus and in the Phoenixville area.