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Academically Driven


At the University of Valley Forge (UVF), you’ll experience hands-on learning, flexible study options, and advanced academic facilities like our Digital Media Center.


UVF offers undergraduate and graduate degrees through residential and online programs— choose from more than 40 programs of study.


Study under professors who couple their academic expertise with rich marketplace and ministry experience. Grounded in their Christian faith, our professors are committed to helping you succeed both in your studies and career goals.

Undergraduate Degrees

Offering over 40 undergraduate degree programs and 10 associate programs, the University of Valley Forge is ready to help you take your university experience to the next level. Discover your purpose for God’s glory at the University of Valley Forge.

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Graduate Degrees

The University of Valley Forge offers a variety of graduate degree programs for those desiring to engage in the academic pursuits of higher education from a distinctly Pentecostal perspective. UVF wants to help adult students reach their academic and life goals, which is why the online format of these degrees provides maximum convenience and flexibility.

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Honors Program

The University of Valley Forge’s Honors Program is open to students with high academic achievements. Incoming freshmen are invited to join the Honors Program based on SAT and ACT scores, and current students are able to join the Honors program based on their university GPA. Honors-designated courses emphasize advanced writing, research, and critical thinking skills and provide a solid foundation for graduate study.

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The Storms Research Center (SRC) at the University of Valley Forge contains a computer mall, Technical Support Center, conference and study rooms, and the J. Robert Ashcroft Memorial Library. The SRC strives to provide a positive research and study environment, to help library users develop intellectually, to provide access to a wide variety of resources, and to promote the ability to use information effectively and ethically.

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