Homeschool - University of Valley Forge



UVF offers a dual enrollment program for high school juniors and seniors. This program allows juniors and seniors in high school to take General Education courses for college credit through a dual enrollment or co-enrollment. Each high school must determine whether high school credit will be granted for classes completed for college credit at the University of Valley Forge. A part-time Admissions Application is required. The University of Valley Forge allows students to decide whether to submit a standardized test score for consideration in their admissions review. All courses are accredited and available online.

The average cost of attending a 4-year private college is $53,430/YR*.

The average cost of attending the University of Valley Forge is $35,920/YR***.

With the dual enrollment program, you get a full year of college credits with a savings of over $48,000!

Any student who completes 12 credits through Dual Enrollment will receive up to a $2,000 scholarship if they choose to attend UVF.


*2022-2023 average cost (includes tuition, fees, housing & food) per the College Board report.

**Assumes 6 credits per semester during a student’s high school junior and senior years at $99/credit plus a $50/semester technology fee.

***2023-2024 average cost (includes tuition, fees, housing & food).