Campus Map - University of Valley Forge

The University has 27 instructional spaces on its main campus, including traditional classrooms, studios, and science labs.


The Digital Media Department, because of its nature, has more specific equipment and technology needs. Its facilities are located in Capeci Hall, one of the newer buildings at the main campus, and includes:


  • Six studios for video, photography, and recording
  • A film viewing room
  • A storyboarding room
  • A digital media computer lab
  • Classrooms designed for digital media and digital audio


In addition, there is a Digital Media Access Center where students can sign out various production equipment for assignments. The University has the equipment necessary for digital media students and faculty to film, record, and broadcast live events such as chapel services and concerts. UVF also has a Mobile Media Command Center, which contains equipment students use to provide live production services for outside organizations and events.

Recording Studio's DAW setup

Other departments also have special equipment and facilities.
The Music Department has


  • six soundproof practice rooms equipped with pianos
  • a piano lab with 15 Yamaha Digital pianos
  • a Digital Audio lab
  • a choir room
  • a variety of instruments
Wide shot of Flower Chapel during worship

The Flower Chapel, in addition to being used for chapel services, is regularly used for recitals and concerts. The Education Department has a classroom specifically designed and equipped for its programs, with special furniture and a SMART board. There are two science labs in Capeci Hall for Ecology and Environmental Science and Physical Science. Those labs have the equipment and instrumentation necessary for microscopy, molecular biology, and diverse physical and environmental science labs.