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Faith & Service


Living Lives of Faith & Service


At the University of Valley Forge (UVF), students are able to grow in their faith while attending chapel services and participating in ministry opportunities, local outreaches, and mission trips. It is our mission to prepare students for lives of service and leadership in the church and in the world.

Spiritual Formation

The University of Valley Forge is Christ-centered and student-focused. Supported by the four pillars of His Gospel, His Presence, His Ways, and His Mission, UVF seeks to honor Christ in all we do.


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UVF regards the chapel experience as an essential foundation for producing Christian leaders to serve in the church and in the world. Chapel services offer a unique opportunity for the entire main campus University community to join together in praise and worship, teaching, and prayer. From weekly missions emphasis chapels, to elective chapel series, chapel is an important part of daily life at UVF.


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UVF Missions

The mission of the University of Valley Forge is to prepare individuals for a life of service and leadership in the church and in the world. In order to fulfill the part of the “in the world” statement, students from UVF participate in short-term missions trips around the country and the world. Through partnerships with local churches, missionaries, and missions organizations, UVF students are making a lasting impact for the kingdom of God.


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Media Production Team

The University of Valley Forge loves seeing students in action. The Media Production Team (MPT) is a ministry team comprised of students within UVF’s Digital Media department who use the knowledge they gain in their programs to produce events such as conferences, conventions, and music festivals.


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