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Student-Led Ministries

The University of Valley Forge has plenty of opportunities for you to get involved in ministry! Students can learn about different groups and ministries at the beginning of each fall semester during Ministry Fair.

Student-Led Ministries are an important aspect of the identity of the University of Valley Forge. The different ministries are a way for our students to take what they have learned through the classroom and spiritual formation and put it into practice. Each ministry is composed of both ministry and non-ministry majors. This is the gateway and transitional point for many of our students as they prepare for a life of service and leadership in the church and in the world.


We also welcome input from student leaders who want to form new groups and take on different activities.

For more information, please email André Mauerman at
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SALT is youth-oriented in vision and ministry. It exists to encourage and empower the next generation of world changers. We are reaching students to help them find their God-given purpose.

Audience of One is focused on creatively ministering and representing our creative God through human video. The desire is to create an atmosphere for people to encounter the Holy Spirit. Available ministry options include human video and preaching.

Improv comedy serves to help facilitate some of the joy given by the Lord through improv comedy. They express the joy that the Lord has already given them through a series of on the spot skits. Audience interaction fuels the direction of these skits.

Light Children’s Ministry desires to see every child know Christ regardless of their background and upbringing. They have five varying areas of ministering including Bible stories, worship, the puppet team, skits and games.

** Spanish worship team

La Casa Unida Worship Team is in partnership with La Casa Unida club located on campus at the University of Valley Forge. It shares vision and values with the club but is a separate outreach focused worship team.


Noteworthy is an a cappella group that desires to bring joy through the gift of music. They offer a cappella arrangements, testimonies and worship whether that be in a church or at an event.