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Undergraduate Degrees


The University of Valley Forge offers over 40 undergraduate, six graduate, and ten associate programs in the Arts, Sciences, and Professions. From the day you select your first class to graduation (and even after, thanks to our Career Services program), our entire faculty is dedicated to your success.  That kind of commitment is one of the hallmarks of a small, close-knit university like UVF.


While accredited degree programs are a requirement of higher education, UVF goes a step further and offers additional programs for traditional and non-traditional students. For instance, our Life Enrichment program offers an alternative to adult learners who juggle a career and family in addition to their educational aspirations. Our Study Abroad program is another example where UVF can help you broaden your horizons by studying in other states, countries, and cultures.


No matter your educational goals, UVF has the right program for you. Explore our degree programs below – when you’re ready to take the next step, apply online, and we’ll navigate the admissions and financial aid processes together.


The time you spend learning and studying at UVF will leave you prepared to meet the challenges of the marketplace and church ministry and leadership. ​

Bachelor’s Degrees

Arts and Sciences banner

The Department of Arts and Sciences is designed for students who have a passion for writing, language, and literature. Students become critical and creative thinkers through the study of various literature genres and writing styles. The strong curriculum is delivered by dedicated faculty who understand the value and power of words.

Majors in this Department


English Language and Literature

Behavioral Sciences banner

The Department of Behavioral Sciences is UVF’s second largest department and is designed for students who have a passion to understand and serve people. No matter what degree students earn in this department, the skills they learn give them tools to succeed in their field. Their unique knowledge of human behavior, problem-solving skills, and professional ethics will furnish a framework for effectively working with diverse populations of people. A degree from this department also provides an excellent preparation for pursuit of an advanced degree in the fields of human services, psychology, counseling, criminal justice, and social work.

Majors in this Department


Pastoral Counseling  |  Psychology  |  Psychology – Online  |  Social Work  | Criminal Justice

Business Administration banner

The Department of Business Administration is committed to training business leaders for today’s marketplace who perform with excellence, character, and integrity. UVF’s business administration students graduate as servant leaders who will impact the global marketplace. The program integrates Christian values in today’s business world. Whether you want to be a corporate executive, accountant, or entrepreneur, a business administration degree from UVF can help you achieve your vocational calling.

Majors in this Department


Business Administration – Online  |  Business Administration – Accounting  |  Business Administration – General Business  |  Global Business  |  Human Resources  |  Management  |  Sport Management

Digital Media Communications banner

The Department of Digital Media Communications provides instruction in the rapidly growing field of digital media that could be the perfect fit for you. It offers five undergraduate majors, each with a focus on a different aspect of this expanding world industry. Our department takes pride in offering courses in current and emerging technologies.

Majors in this Department


Digital Media Studies  |  Photography  |  Video Production  |  Graphic Design  | Recording Arts

Education banner

The Department of Education offers multiple degrees dedicated to the success of future teachers. Teachers are one of the most impactful people in the lives of students. From learning how to read and write, to learning high-level math, students spend the majority of their days with teachers. That’s why the Education department at UVF is committed to prepare you to be a competent, caring, and inspiring teacher.

Majors in this Department


Early Childhood Education  |  Middle Level Education  |  Secondary English Education

Intercultural Studies banner

The Department of Intercultural Studies, having recently merged with the Department of Deaf Ministries, allows you to study a cross-cultural area of interest in a highly relational world. Intercultural encounters are becoming more common in the world, regardless of where a person physically lives. You will learn how to understand and communicate through cultural differences and be a servant of God wherever you go. If you desire to reach others of a different culture, whether at home or abroad, the Intercultural Studies department has a major for you!

Concentrations in this Department


Deaf Culture Studies*  |  Deaf Ministries**  |  Children’s Studies  |  Business  |  Individualized  |  Online  |  Digital Media  |  Education  |  Music  |  Pastoral Leadership Development  |  World Missions  |  Youth Studies

*non-Deaf students

**Deaf students only

Ministry Leadership and Theology banner

The Department of Ministry Leadership and Theology offers various degree programs to students who have a heart to serve, a thirst for biblical knowledge, and a passion to share the Gospel. This department also offers a theological studies major for students who wish to deepen their understanding of the Bible and theology, and who may be called to parachurch ministries or graduate studies. The majors in the department are designed to prepare students to fulfill the mission of God through a wide range of careers both in the church and parachurch ministries.

Majors in this Department


Children and Family Studies  |  Youth and Family Studies  |  Family Studies  |  Ministry Leadership  |  Ministry Leadership – Online  |  Pastoral Leadership  |  Theological Studies

Music banner

The Department of Music at the University of Valley Forge offers a broad spectrum of programs designed to help students fulfill the call of God upon their lives. A commitment to musical excellence is instilled and accomplished in a nurturing and inspiring environment. The motivation for excellence stems from the desire to give God the very best of our abilities. UVF has a music faculty committed to the spiritual and musical development of each student as well as to help students reach their God-given musical potential through relevant coursework. This quality education includes practical applications of the materials learned in the classroom.

Majors in this Department


Church Music  |  Music Education  |  Music Performance  |  Music Production  |  Worship Leading

Associate Degrees

The Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education is designed to prepare the student with foundational knowledge of Bible, Christian philosophy of education, foundations of early childhood education, methods of teaching, and other essentials designed to develop skills in early childhood education.

The Associate of Arts in Human Services – Counseling is designed to provide foundational knowledge to prepare students for a life of leadership and service in the church and world as human services professionals who incorporate faith and a Christian worldview with their commitment to human service.

The Associate of Arts in Human Services – Social Services is designed to provide foundational knowledge to prepare students for a life of leadership and service in the church and world as human services professionals who incorporate faith and a Christian worldview with their commitment to human service.

The Associate of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies is designed to teach the student the foundational knowledge of biblical studies and Christian life. The program will also prepare the student to pursue further training in church ministry or to continue education in another career.

The Associate of Arts in Christian Ministries – Online is designed to prepare the student with foundational knowledge of Bible, church ministry, youth culture, outreach, and other essentials designed to develop skill in ministry and related areas.