Technology - University of Valley Forge



Students at the University of Valley Forge (UVF) are connected. You have ready access to the kind of technology expected at much larger colleges with our campus-wide network and reliable Internet connection.

Computer Labs

Several computer labs are available on campus for students:

  • Computer Mall – Windows Desktop Computers with access to (BYOD) printers
  • Production Lab – Macs with Avid programs and other software
  • Video Instruction Lab – Macs with Adobe Creative Cloud and other software


Once you have deposited to UVF, you will receive a student email account. The UVF email suite comes with the all the Microsoft Office applications (Word, etc.), Teams and OneDrive.


A one-stop portal for students to register for courses, view course schedules, view housing assignments, view student account statements, make payments, and access research databases.


The University uses Canvas as its Learning Management System. This is where students access content including course information, syllabi, gradebook, assignments, exams, etc.

Internet Use Policy

Internet use is monitored and filtered to help ensure that Internet use remains within UVF’s guidelines for acceptable usage and to protect UVF from illegal and objectionable material.