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Welcome to the University of Valley Forge! We are a close-knit, Spirit-filled community outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on the East Coast of the United States of America. We are a campus that believes in teaching and cultivating future servant leaders for Jesus Christ and are so excited that you are interested in attending our university!


International Students will have a few additional steps in the application and admissions process and we want to make those steps as simple and understandable as possible! Below you will find a full breakdown of the next few months as we walk alongside you during your journey to UVF!


If you have any additional questions, please contact UVF Admissions at

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Step 1: Apply

One (1) Year – Six (6) Months before Start of Term: Apply to UVF

  • Complete the undergraduate application here along with your short answer response:
    • What makes you want to be part of the UVF community where students are learning to follow Jesus, grow in their faith, and become servant-leaders?



UVF is test optional, but scores can be submitted for math and English placement.

Step 2: Acceptance & Documentation

Students will be granted an admissions decision approximately two (2) weeks from the time all application materials have been received. At this time, students will also receive preliminary financial aid information


Eleven (11) – Five (5) Months before Start of Term: Complete Financial Forms


  • Acceptable Forms of Financial Support are readily available liquid assets
    • Bank Statement (Preferred)
      • Parent
      • Student
      • Sponsor
    • Educational Loans (loan applications are not acceptable)
    • University Scholarships
    • Outside Scholarships



  • Unacceptable Forms of Financial Support
    • Investment Portfolios
    • Retirement Plans
    • Real Estate Deeds
    • Salary Agreements
    • Material Items (examples: livestock, land, jewelry, fur, etc.)
    • Income Tax Forms


Step 3: I-20 Processing Begins

Ten (10) – Four (4) Months before Start of Term: I-20 Processing Begins

  • Receive Personal ID number from UVF
  • Go online and pay the I-901 fee of $350
  • Contact Government Office for F-1 Student Visa Requirements


Nine (9) – Three (3) Months before Start of Term: I-20 Complete

  • A physical copy of the students I-20 form will be mailed

Step 4: Obtain F1 Visa

Obtain F-1 Visa

  • Make an appointment with the appropriate government office to apply for your F-1 Student Visa
  • Take the following items to your appointment along with any other documentation they have indicated you will need:
    • Acceptance letter from the University of Valley Forge
    • I-20 Form issued by UVF
    • Copies of the financial affidavits you submitted to UVF
    • Original receipt of your 901-fee

Step 5: Confirm Enrollment Deposit & Complete New Student Forms

Two (2) Months before Start of Term: Deposit & Complete New Student Forms

  • You’re almost done! There are just a few more forms to complete and you are on your way to becoming a part of the UVF family!
    • Make your Deposit! In order to secure your spot in the dorms and classroom, you can make your $100 deposit to UVF by signing into your application and selecting “Pay Deposit”.
    • Once you have made your deposit, complete the following forms:

Notes regarding International Students:


  • The above timeline is an approximation of a year before a term at UVF begins; the timeline is subject to alterations and has no effect on the speed or efficiency of other countries’ governments during the F-1 Visa process.
  • UVF is not responsible for finding a sponsor to provide financial support for students.
  • UVF does not receive any income-tax revenue or public funds. Tuition covers roughly 80% of the cost of education, with the rest of the cost underwritten by gifts and other supporting income resources.  UVF is authorized to train you in the non-immigrant alien classification (F-1).  You must consult the nearest American consulate regarding study in the United States.
  • In accordance with immigration regulations, international students must carry a full academic load each semester (at least 12 credit hours-residential).
  • International students are prohibited from working off campus.
  • The University of Valley Forge cannot guarantee that all students will qualify for and receive a student visa. The student must take full responsibility for meeting their government’s requirements in a timely manner.  The suggested six-month processing time does not take into account special circumstances that may arise during the process.  You may begin the process up to one year in advance.
  • Master’s Programs at the University of Valley Forge are completed online, thus, international master’s students will not be eligible for an I20 or F1 Student Visa.
  • The University of Valley Forge allows students to decide whether to submit a standardized test score for consideration in their admissions review.