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Certificate Programs


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The certificate programs at the University of Valley Forge allow students to receive education in a specialized area without having to take general education classes required by an associate of bachelor’s degree. Currently, UVF offers two certificate programs – a Certificate of Deaf Ministries, for Deaf students only, and a Certificate of Ministry Leadership. 



The University of Valley Forge views the American Deaf Community as a distinct people/language group. This perspective significantly affects its purpose for existence. All courses for this certificate are taught in a self-contained environment (taught in American Sign Language). Its purpose is threefold: Academic and Practices, Research and Development, and Advocacy.


Please note: 12 credits (4 courses) of the Certificate of Ministry are resident (on campus) courses taught in a 6 – 8 day accelerated format. The remaining 27 credits are offered as online courses linguistically designed for Deaf students.


NWT 113X New Testament Survey 3 cr 
OLT 123 Old Testament Survey 3 cr 
*THE 115 Thinking Theologically 3 cr 


BIB 213 Hermeneutics 3 cr 
NWT 313 I & II Corinthians 3 cr
*PST 313 Principles of Spiritual Leadership 3 cr 


*THE 233 An Introduction to the History and Theology of the AG 3 cr
PST 433 Church Finances and Resources 3 cr 
PSY 333 Pastoral Counseling 3 cr 


*PRE 213 Foundations of Biblical Preaching 3 cr
PST 423 Pastoral Ministries and Practices 3 cr 
PST 472 Internship 3 cr 

36 Credits

Program Length: 18 Months


*offered ONLY as a 6-8 day accelerated on campus course



The Certificate of Ministry Leadership is designed to prepare the student with foundational knowledge in the Bible and other essentials designed to develop skill in vocational ministry. This online program assists students to fulfill the educational requirements for ordination with the Assemblies of God.


BIB 213 Hermeneutics 3 cr

NWT 113 New Testament Survey 3 cr 

NWT 313 I & II Corinthians 3 cr 

OLT 123X Old Testament Survey 3 cr 

PRE 213 Foundations of Biblical Preaching 3 cr

PST 313 Principles of Spiritual Leadership 3 cr 

PST 433 Church Finances and Resources 3 cr 

PST 423 Pastoral Ministries and Practices 3 cr

PST 472 Internship 3 cr 

PSY 333 Pastoral Counseling 3 cr 

THE 115X Thinking Theologically 3 cr 

THE 233 An Introduction to the History and Theology of the AG 3 cr

36 Credits

Program Length: 18 Months