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Christian Leadership


The Master of Arts in Christian Leadership is designed to expand the student’s theological and biblical understanding and skill sets in leadership. Skills acquired through this educational pursuit equip one to better understand and work with people, with the result of moving others on to meaningful change through biblical, theological, sociological, and psychological study.

The program explores the health of the leader, development of models for leadership and the need to accurately analyze various cultures and leadership models. The program serves those desiring to pursue a Master of Arts degree or additional degrees, and those actively involved in academia, church ministries, Christian organizations, and parachurch groups.

This program is 36 credit hours and can be completed entirely online in two years.

Dr. Dippold writing on the board for students in class

Through a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership, you will:

  • Communicate in writing biblical and theological academic research that addresses concerns within the community of faith
  • Analyze empirical, leadership, and theological concepts in cross-cultural settings and directly assess and formulate leadership concepts to enrich that particular culture

  • Analyze leadership styles and develop steps in which to more effectively work as a team
  • Assess various leadership models being used within organizations and the impact those models have on the development of organizations


  • Submit official undergraduate and graduate transcripts. Send official transcripts of credits earned at all institutions of higher education. This program will accept up to six transfer credits of graduate application, depending on applicability