Theology - University of Valley Forge



The Master of Arts in Theology is designed to expand the depth of Christian thought from an in-depth biblical and theological position. The focus is to equip students to more effectively wrestle with contemporary and human condition issues in a scholarly fashion. Multiple cultures are taken into account and students are exposed to the most recent scholarship in the various disciplines of theology.


To accomplish this, the program confronts the issues through a biblical, theological, philosophical and sociological grid. This provides a platform for skills in scholarly research and insight into world issues. The program serves those desiring to pursue a Master of Arts degree or additional degrees, and those actively involved in academia, church ministries, Christian organizations, and parachurch groups.


This degree is a total of 36 credits and can be completed entirely online in approximately two years.

Through a Master of Arts in Theology, you will:

  • Communicate in writing biblical and theological
    academic research that address concerns within the community
    of faith
  • Analyze empirical and theological concepts in cross-cultural
    settings and directly assess and formulate theological
    construct to enrich that particular culture

  • Delineate the historical roots of theological and
    philosophical developments and identify the societal influences
    upon those developments
  • Articulate various schools of theological thought and
    how they apply to the interpretation of Scripture


  • Submit official undergraduate and graduate transcripts. Send official transcripts of credits earned at all institutions of higher education. This program will accept up to six transfer credits of graduate application, depending on applicability