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The University of Valley Forge invites you to join us for a transformative education that will motivate you to use your life, time, energy, resources, and abilities to influence the world for the kingdom of God. As an accredited Christian university, we offer affordable online degree programs designed to help you achieve your educational goals while balancing your personal and professional commitments.

Flexible Schedules

Caring Professors

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7-Week Programs

Our 7-week modules grant the opportunity to complete one to three classes every seven weeks to allow for accelerated learning. Students have a one week break at the end of each 7-week module before the start of the next.

14-Week Programs

Our 14-week modules allow students to complete classes at the traditional pace. This follows a typical semester format with a few weeks off in between each semester.


The online Business Administration program is designed to offer professional preparation in a Christian environment to develop caring and capable business leaders for a career or continuation into graduate business programs. Preparation includes knowledge of business practices, ethical values, and problem-solving abilities. This program encourages a broad examination of economic, social, practical, and political issues that impact the business environment.

The online Psychology program at the University of Valley Forge is designed to prepare students at a pre-professional level for entry into graduate or professional studies. It will equip students in foundational knowledge of psychology, human behavior, human growth and development, biblical education, and personal skills necessary to develop as competent professionals.


The Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction is designed to deepen understandings and strengthen practice for K-12 teachers who wish to pursue a program of study that utilizes a Christian perspective within rigorous graduate coursework. This degree will build on undergraduate knowledge and skills through scholarly work and classroom practice. Specialization coursework will strengthen pedagogical skills within specific curriculum or certification areas.

The Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership offers deep knowledge of the art and science of modern leadership models. It is a versatile alternative to the traditional MBA that focuses on emotional intelligence, leading with Christian values and ethics, team building, organizational psychology, strategic thinking, and much more.

The Master of Education with Pennsylvania – PreK-4 Teaching Certification is designed to prepare individuals with undergraduate degrees in non-education areas for PA state public school initial teaching certification. Successful completion of this program and passing of state-required competency tests will enable graduates to teach all subjects in grades PreK-4 in PA public schools.


The online Ministry Leadership program is designed to provide students with a foundational knowledge of education, Bible, church ministry, and a variety of ministry leadership opportunities within the local church, outside the church, and in parachurch organizations. It is flexible enough to allow students to choose an area of particular interest, but it also exposes them to a broad perspective of the church as a whole and the various ministries it provides.

Our Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies program is designed to provide a flexible and adaptive program specifically tailored to the student’s needs. By using the framework of their own God-given passions, interests, and talents, the ICS department prepares them to think in fresh, creative ways about life, work, and service in cross-cultural settings around the world.

The online Associate of Arts in Ministry Leadership is designed to prepare students with foundational knowledge in Bible, church ministry, outreach, administration, and other essentials designed to develop skill in ministry and related areas. We offer the following three focuses: Children’s Studies, Youth and Family Studies, and Pastoral Studies.


The Master of Music in Music Technology builds on the foundation of an undergraduate music degree by offering three tracks: Education, Composition, and Production. Each track is designed to equip graduate students with hardware and software technologies used in the field of music today. This program emphasizes musical and technical skills needed by creative artists and communicators, along with current research and technology. Educators, composers, practicing performers, and worship leaders alike will benefit from the training this degree provides.

The Master of Arts in Theology is designed to expand the depth of Christian thought from an in-depth biblical theological position. The focus is to equip students to more effectively wrestle with contemporary and human condition issues in a scholarly fashion. The program serves those desiring to pursue a Master of Arts degree or additional degrees, and those actively involved in academia, church ministries, Christian organizations, and parachurch groups.

The Master of Arts in Christian Leadership is designed to expand students’ theological and biblical understanding and skill sets in leadership. The program explores the health of the leader, development of models for leadership, and the need to accurately analyze various cultures and leadership models. The program serves those desiring to pursue a Master of Arts degree or additional degrees, and those actively involved in academia, church ministries, Christian organizations, and parachurch groups.

The Master of Arts degree in Worship Studies is designed for worship leaders, music pastors, church musicians, lead pastors, associate pastors, missionaries, and laypersons interested in pursuing graduate Studies in worship. Each course in the program will focus on unchanging Biblical truth as a basis for assessing the appropriateness and usefulness of traditions and innovations in worship.