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The Education department offers multiple programs to equip future teachers for successful careers. Teachers are among the most impactful people in the lives of students. Whether learning how to read or write or how to calculate complex math equations, students spend many hours and days with teachers who will help shape their lives through the process of education. That’s why the Education department at UVF is committed to prepare you to be a competent, caring, and inspiring teacher.


Public School Teaching Certificate Program Admissions Requirements:

      1. A minimal GPA of 3.0 by the end of the fourth semester. This GPA must be maintained throughout the program until graduation.
      2. Completed PA Educator Basic Skills Assessments or the equivalent.
      3. Copies of all clearances on file with the education department.
      4. Interview with the education faculty.
      5. Positive recommendations from the faculty.
      6. Positive recommendation from the Director of Student Life.
      7. Completion of the following course work: ENG 123 College Writing (3 credits); English or American Literature (3 credits); Survey of Math I & II (6 credits)

Bachelor’s Degrees

The Early Childhood Education program at the University of Valley Forge prepares qualified graduates to receive Pennsylvania state teaching certification in grades PreK-4. We offer the following three tracks: PreK-4 public certification with PreK-8 Special Education (if desired); PreK-4 private certification; PreK- 4 non-certification.

The Middle Level English/Language Arts and Reading program at the University of Valley Forge prepares qualified graduates to receive Pennsylvania state teaching certification in grades 4 – 8. This certification enables graduates to teach general subjects in grades 4-5 and English/Language Arts and Reading in grades 6-8. We offer the following three tracks: grades 4-8 public certification with PreK-8 Special Education (if desired); grades 4-8 private certification; grades 4-8 non-certification.

The Secondary English Education program at the University of Valley Forge prepares qualified graduates to receive Pennsylvania state teaching certification to teach English/Language Arts in grades 7-12. We offer the following three tracks: Secondary English 7-12 public certification; Secondary English 7-12 private certification; Secondary English 7-12 non-certification.


CMS 233 Educational Technology 3 cr

ECE 103 Child Development 3 cr

ECE 123 Foundations, Principles, and Practices of Early Childhood Education 3 cr

ECE 204 Methods and Materials 3 cr

EDU 443 Classroom Management 3 cr

SPE 223 Introduction to Exceptionalities 3 cr

(Available to MLE students only)
ENG 173 Introduction to Linguistics 3 cr

ENG 223 Creative Writing 3 cr

ENG 243 English Literature 3 cr


Choose whichever not taken in MLE program:

LIIT 253 American Literature I 3 cr

LIT 254 American Literature II 3 cr


Choose one:

LIT 363 World Literature I 3 cr

LIT 364 World Literature II 3 cr


SEC 373 Secondary English Methods 3 cr

LIT 433 Shakespeare and His Contemporaries 3 cr

(Available to SEC students only)

EDU 353 Teaching Social Studies

EDU 363 Teaching Science

EDU 373 Lang/Literacy Development

EDU 433 Teaching Math

MTH 123 Quantitative Reasoning

  • (or any non-remedial math not taken in SEC program to equal three math classes)

POL 203 American Republic


Choose whichever not taken in SEC program:

SCI 113 Introduction to Physical Science 3 cr

SCI 143 Ecology and Environmental Science 3 cr

Associate Degrees

The Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education is designed to prepare students to assist or lead in early childhood settings. Graduates of this program may pursue careers as teaching assistants, lead teachers or administrators at preschools and child care centers, or as individual aides or caregivers for children with special needs.

Master’s Degrees

The Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction is designed to deepen understandings and strengthen practice for K-12 teachers who wish to pursue a program of study that utilizes a Christian perspective within rigorous graduate coursework. This degree will build on undergraduate knowledge and skills through scholarly work and classroom practice. Specialization coursework will strengthen pedagogical skills within specific curriculum or certification areas.

The Master of Education with Pennsylvania – PreK-4 Teaching Certification is designed to prepare individuals with undergraduate degrees in non-education areas for PA state public school initial teaching certification. Successful completion of this program and passing of state-required competency tests will enable graduates to teach all subjects in grades PreK-4 in PA public schools.

Potential Career Opportunities

  • Teacher
  • Principal
  • Administrator
  • Professor

Whether you dream about teaching in early childhood, middle level, or secondary education, UVF will prepare you to serve and teach future generations.


For further information about a degree in Education, contact Department Chair
Dr. Marianne Modica, Ph.D.