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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at UVF

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at UVF

By Olivia Gordon

Hispanic Heritage Month took place all across the United States from September 15th to October 15th, and the University of Valley Forge recognized this important event on campus. Hispanic Heritage Month was created to recognize the achievements and influence of Hispanic Americans, and to honor their culture and history. At UVF, students were given multiple opportunities led by La Casa Unida (a club on campus) to engage in the celebrations, and they showed up with wide smiles to participate!

To begin the celebration, there was a kick-off party on the 15th with fun games and Hispanic snacks and drinks for students to enjoy. In the second week, chapel featured Rev. Dennis Rivera from the Missouri AG Headquarters to share about what the Hispanic community is contributing to the Church worldwide! In addition, for three days, the Dining Commons held a culinary tour of food from different Latin American countries. The dining room was decorated for the event, and served dishes from three specific places: Cuba, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Finally, the month ended with a special worship night led by the Hispanic students in La Casa Unida. It was a powerful night of prayer, and La Casa Unida was able to share just how important the club and community is to them!

At UVF, the community is welcoming to and appreciative of all cultures! Hispanic Heritage Month was a great opportunity to let Hispanic students know that they are loved, and to share new cultural experiences with everyone on campus!