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Summer 2022 Missions Trips Recap

Summer 2022 Missions Trips Recap

A new year brings new opportunities, and 2022 has been no different. This spring and summer, five teams went out and ministered in various ways, both in the States and abroad, in Georgia, Egypt, Nicaragua, Zanzibar, and Puerto Rico. Thank you to all who generously gave and prayed to help pave the way for these incredible Spirit-filled weeks!

The best way to get a glimpse into the impact our students were part of is to hear it straight from them:

The Georgia team served in an inner city setting, partnering with churches to reach those most people ignore or avoid, giving hope to everyone they came across on the street.

“Nothing has stretched and grown me more than missions trips. Georgia was no exception. From food lines to street evangelism, our group worked with Life Bridge Inner City Ministry to reach the homeless. Our trip leaders and advisors did an excellent job at creating an itinerary that allowed us to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those who needed it most. I got to see God move in miraculous ways and I can’t wait for our next trip!” -Isaac Gale


In Egypt, the team experienced the power of prayer and unity in opposition.

“Many of us have learned more about what God is calling us to, and the people group He is giving us a heart for inside and outside of Egypt. God revealed our strengths and weaknesses individually while there, and we were encouraged by one another as we kept each other accountable and uplifted.” -Kayla Cheshier

“God used this opportunity to solidify my calling, showing me that I cannot go forward in my life and my relationship with him if I do not intend to carry out his command to “go forth and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19). Inside mosques… groups of people would chant, praying to Allah for whatever it is that they felt they needed or were obliged to do. It was made [clear] that there are spiritual forces at work, battling in a realm that we cannot see. Each time I heard the Islamic call to prayer, I was reminded that the enemy was at work, so I would pray as well. Before I experienced Cairo, I did not understand the necessity of prayer for these lost people; I did not understand the need for prayer in our world. Now, I see that our prayers change lives, so we must pray without ceasing as we are instructed to in 1 Thessalonians.” -Kevin Haes

Those in Nicaragua served in children’s ministry, partnering with Promise Christian Academy, and showed the same love and respect to the littlest among us that Jesus did in Matthew 19:14.

“The minister [said] that they have [theme] verses: Isaiah 40:31, which says “they that hope in the Lord shall renew their strength and fly as eagles.”…This whole trip, Jesus [has been] our living water, and we have to draw from his well day by day because that’s where we draw strength, and there’s nowhere else we can get it.” -Jordan Kieffer

While in Puerto Rico, the group served at a youth convention, bringing light and truth to an upcoming generation.

“It was so cool… to have all these people come together and see God use them in their giftings. His presence was so evident everywhere we went. For me personally, God has reminded me time and time again that we are going by his agenda and not our own. He opened up more opportunities to minister to people than we expected, and I thought that was such an amazing thing to see.” -Abigail Marburger

While this year’s mission trip season may have come to an end, their purpose and service certainly have not. Students were able to gain perspective, experience, calling, and rekindling of their faith and relationships with God through these experiences, and plan to take all they have learned and apply it to their everyday lives. Together, they are living out the Great Commission and becoming the light and salt of the Earth.