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UVF Invited to NCAA Emerging Leaders Seminar

UVF Invited to NCAA Emerging Leaders Seminar

This year, graduate students from the University of Valley Forge were invited to attend the annual NCAA Emerging Leaders Seminar. This three-day event allows graduate assistants, postgraduate interns, athletic directors, and other athlete department staff members to network with professionals in their field, learn from invited speakers, and grow in their respective roles. Our students gained valuable insight from the event.

“My biggest takeaway from this event was the importance of having a network and approaching every conversation with a learning posture. When I began to implement this, it was exciting to see the different items I was able to learn. This conference will impact my position at UVF through offering a host of tools, leadership principles, and amazing connections. There were multiple people I am eager to follow up with and continue conversation regarding how they function in similar roles in other institutions. This conference also made me so deeply appreciative of the community at UVF. We have so many incredible people working here who truly desire to see those around them flourish and grow into who the Lord has uniquely designed them to be.” – Madeline Lacourse (GA)

“I had the opportunity to work with graduate assistants from Texas Tech, Florida State University, Towson University, and other schools. It was unique to see my group members come together to present different ideas and suggestions. The special part of this project was that one of the topics we selected was related to community development. Leadership is not a position, but action. Thus, it is important to go above and beyond for our students at the University of Valley Forge to ensure they continue to develop their relationships with Jesus.” – Gorge Andino (GA)

This incredible opportunity was impactful for those who attended and we are grateful to have been part of it!