UVF’s Media Production Team Produces Creation Festival - UVF

UVF’s Media Production Team Produces Creation Festival

UVF’s Media Production Team Produces Creation Festival

The University of Valley Forge is proud to recap our students’ involvement in another major event of the summer! Creation is the largest Christian music festival in the nation,lasting four days in two areas across the country: Northeast and Northwest. Performers ranged from Wande to Newsboys to our very own UVF Worship! UVF’s Media Production Team (MPT) has produced it for the last decade, and continued the tradition this year as well.

Capturing the life of Creation through photo and video, our team was able to use their gifts to further the kingdom through real experience in their prospective fields. This is evident in what some of MPT’s members had to say about their experience:

“I’d say the biggest impact I experienced was just seeing the humbleness and the Christ-like love that everyone had there. From the event organizers to the production crews to the artists, everyone who I interacted with was very kind, easy-going and open to teaching us new things… This opened my eyes even more to just how much God works in people’s lives.” – Cory Jones (Roamer, MPT Member)

“I grew up going to Creation Festival with my dad so to get to serve at the festival on media was somewhat of a lifelong dream. Getting to actually do it exceeded my expectations and then some. I hope that we were able to provide the audience with a sense of awe and wonder not just at the acts on stage but at the God who was behind it all.” – Toby Palmer (Director, MPT Member)

The mission of UVF is to prepare individuals for a life of service and leadership in the church and in the world, and MPT was able to demonstrate just that. Through this opportunity, they were not only impacted by the experience, but impacted those around them by putting on a powerful performance at Creation.