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Student Government & Activities Board


Student Government Association


The Student Government Association (SGA) is the organizational representative of the student body. The main purposes of SGA are to model Christian servant-leadership, to engage students in service, and to serve as a liaison representing the student body to groups both inside and outside the ​University of Valley Forge (UVF). SGA is composed of the Executive Committee and additional representatives.


Executive SGA Officers are elected each spring to oversee all the activities of SGA and to serve on the Executive Committee. All positions are scholarship positions and are open to students through an application and selection process. More information on SGA or on getting involved is available through the Student Life Office. These students serve as an advocate for student concerns, promote ​University traditions and events, and serve as a liaison between the Student Body and the Administration.


The SGA Office is located in the hallway between the Anvil and Flower Chapel. Announcements regarding upcoming events are posted on the bulletin board outside the main entrance to the Dining Commons.


SGA Advisor: Jennifer Gale (

Campus Activities Board


The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is made up of four passionate students who have a heart to see the study body come together as a community. CAB’s role is to host and plan campus-wide events for our students. These student leaders are engaged and active in the campus life at UVF, and excel in event planning.


Applications for CAB are available under the Student Life tab on myValleyForge and can be submitted to the Student Life office.


CAB Advisor: Alyssa Hetzer (