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Is it Worth it to Double Major?

Is it Worth it to Double Major?

Scary concept: your choice of major impacts the rest of your life. It’s a big decision; sometimes the first big decision you make for yourself, and there’s a lot that goes into it. The first thing you need to decide is not what to major in, but how many majors to take on. If you’re considering whether double majoring is for you, you’ve come to the right place. To help with your decision, here’s a handy pro-con list from a current double major!


The Cons of Double Majoring
In order to qualify for a double major, your target degrees must have at least 30 distinct credits. That means your college experience will take longer and be more expensive than the average student’s. Plus, the workload will be heavier, and it could be difficult to keep up, especially when you reach the more advanced courses. If your degrees are dissimilar, it could even be a struggle to change mindsets from one topic to another. I know for me it can sometimes be rough going from animating text to analyzing it! College isn’t easy, and double majoring in college even less so. Another con is that you constantly have to explain your choice to others. When you tell people you double major, the two most common responses are “How?!” and “Why?” Those questions really stick with you, and every time you’ll probably wonder about it yourself.


The Pros of Double Majoring
There are so many great things that come from double majoring! First, your opportunities after college increase with the more education and diversified skills you have – and that means you could get paid more as well! Double majoring also gives you the unique chance to combine your interests, follow specific callings on your life, and spend more time with the subjects you love! You get to meet people from different majors and departments that you never would have had the opportunity to spend time with if you didn’t double major. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to learn about the things you love! You can take hold of your future, and pursue your goals wholeheartedly by double majoring!


What It Takes to Double Major
Double majoring isn’t for people who just can’t decide which major to pursue. A student who double majors needs to be a hardworking individual with both stamina and flexibility. Two degrees is a big commitment to several years of hard work, and so the most important factor for anyone considering a double major is passion. You won’t succeed if you don’t really love what you’re learning. Passion will get you through the semesters you have to overload on credits, and the times your required classes are offered at the same time and you have to take them as GISes – Guided Individualized Studies – and every single meeting where your advisor tells you just how far you still have to go. Passion will carry you to your dreams and ensure you reach your goals!


So, Is It Worth It?
Double majoring is a lot of work, and it isn’t for everyone, but the rewards are undeniable. Whether the extra work, time, and money are worth having two degrees on your wall depends on your goals, values, and calling. One thing is for sure, one side of the argument – pro or con – will weigh heavier on you when the time finally comes to decide on your major or majors. If you’re leaning towards double majoring but you still have misgivings, adding a minor might be the best choice for you! Don’t worry too hard about your decision – if it’s too much, you can drop your secondary major, or if years from now you want to change your career, college will still be here! The important thing is getting the education that’s right for you.


Written by Olivia Gordon