"Stride" – Spoken Word - University of Valley Forge

“Stride” – Spoken Word

“Stride” – Spoken Word

Eunoia is proud to support the creative talent of our students here at the University of Valley Forge (UVF). The post below is a spoken word written by UVF student Sonia-Rose Lyle and posted here with permission.
Striving has become a form of diving
going head first into waters that seem thriving
we found ourselves making decisions without considering our pace
we keeping running towards our destiny yet we have lost the joy of walking with grace


we reach towards opportunities yet disguised as obstacles
we pursue relationships that make our hearts so cynical
so concerned with our life plans that we forget to walk with the Author of life
we forget to yield to the Gardener of our souls to cut off fruitless areas with His knife


we scroll down our Instagram feed yet we forget how much our hearts bleed
so dependent on likes that make us smile when our First Love’s smile is all we need
we strive to work countless hours yet we have no time to rest in His presence
we wonder why everything in our lives have become so tense


we try to get to our next appointment and we miss our divine appointment
we focus on following our schedules and miss the miracles in the moment
we pay attention to how we find answers instead of focusing on the answer
we focus on serving the Master instead of walking with the Master


may we begin to walk in His footsteps and timing
a pace of grace that keeps us striding