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Students Prepare to Make an Impact

Students Prepare to Make an Impact

This spring and summer, our students will head out to partner with missionaries around the world and experience a tangible part of the Great Commission. This past weekend, over 10 teams gathered together for our annual Impact Training. Through sessions of devotionals, prayer, worship, information, and team bonding, each of these students had the opportunity to grow closer to God and with each other while preparing to live out servant leadership around the world, coming away with powerful testimonials.

“The Lord reinforced a theme throughout this weekend that he has been emphasizing on my heart for some weeks now, which is the Lord’s leadership and lordship. The Lord really knit us together as a community this weekend. Our teams flexibility, joy, laughter, unique giftings, and servant’s hearts were displayed throughout the whole weekend. I really look forward to the future conversations and trainings our team will be able to do surrounding practical preparation, as well, as we prepare to share the love of Jesus with his people!” – Madeline Lacourse (Team Advisor)

“This weekend, the Lord has really been speaking to me that though we are all unworthy to participate in His mission, by His grace, He allows us to be laborers for His Kingdom, and He can use our brokenness and past experiences for His redemptive, restorative purposes – even for missions. Despite being in different stages and walks of life, the Lord brought unity to our team through His Holy Spirit and through the one purpose to participate in His mission. I loved spending time in the presence of the Lord through prayer!” – Hannah Kopec (Team Leader)

“This weekend, God spoke to me that I am worthy of his love and the mission that he has called all believers to, and that I should not doubt his call over my life. We are all called to the places we are going, and Jesus planned it all so that we can grow closer to him. I saw God move in our team, unifying us, through our prayer time and in pouring out his love for us.” – Nate Gale (Team Member)

It was such a powerful time witnessing God’s hand over every team and the work they are preparing for. We are so excited to see everything God will do through these teams this year!