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Music Camp


Fun evening recreational activities will be held on and off-campus and will include games, bowling, a movie night, and a trip to Arnold’s Family Fun Center. Day campers are welcome to participate in these evening activities which are included in the cost of tuition for all overnight campers.


Students will complete a written music placement exam and audition on the first day of camp to determine class and ensemble assignments. Each student will participate in at least one ensemble performance on the last day of camp.


The following are just some of the benefits you will receive by attending UVF’s Summer Music Camp:

  • Take classes and study under the outstanding music faculty at UVF
  • Develop your musicianship skills
  • Receive training and practical advice on preparing to be a music major in college
  • Receive advice on how to prepare for your college entrance audition
  • Experience what life would be like as a college student at UVF
  • Meet other Christian musicians with similar interests and goals


Performance opportunities are also an important part of the camp experience. Based on enrollment, one or more ensembles will be formed for the week (i.e. Wind Ensemble, Choral Ensemble, Worship Teams, etc.). Each student will perform in at least one of the ensembles on the last day of the camp.


The Summer Music Camp at UVF will be a unique, fun, and memorable experience because it will provide opportunities to develop your musicianship skills in the context of a Christian camp environment. Prepare yourself for the best week of the summer!

Camp Details


Campers must be entering grades 7–12 in the 201​9–2020 school year.



Ability Level

All ability levels.



Campers must be entering grades 7–12 in the 201​9–2020 school year.
Ability Level All ability levels.
Cost for Day Campers $240 (Cost includes tuition only — no housing or meals. Recreation fees additional for day campers.) Register here!
Cost for Overnight Campers $550 (Cost includes tuition, housing, meals and recreation fees.) Register here! For what to pack and extra information read the Handbook (PDF).
Camp Check–in Monday, July 6, 2020, between 9 am – ​noon (EST)
All campers must attend check-in. If you cannot arrive during the designated times due to extenuating circumstances, arrangements must be made in advance with the camp office. Be sure to read Planning and Preparing for Camp (PDF) for detailed information about check-in.
Camp Check-out Friday, July ​10, 2020

A final concert will be held on this day. Check-out will follow the performance.

​Placement Audition No audition is required to register. There will be a placement audition at camp check-in to determine your class and ensemble placement. Once assignments have been made, they cannot be changed.

Campers should prepare the following for the audition:

• Two scales of your choice (for instrumentalists)

• Two solo excerpts, etudes or short pieces: 1) one piece should be slower, lyrical; and 2) one piece should be faster and more technically demanding. These can be two movements of the same piece. Once piece can be a worship chorus.

• Percussionists should prepare a snare piece and a mallet piece

How to Register You can register online or by mail. There are four required forms that must be mailed in during the registration process. Please read the Registration Policies and Payments (PDF).
Concert Schedule Final concert: Friday, July ​10 at 1 pm. (Time is subject to change.)
Instruments All campers must bring their own instruments to camp. Percussionists should bring sticks/mallets (timpani and snare) and practice pads.
Private Lessons This camp offers students the option to sign up for two private lessons at an additional cost of $25 per 30-minute lesson. Space is limited for private lessons and will be offered on a first-come, first served basis. Students receive two 30-minute private lessons and pay an additional applied music fee of $50. Lessons will be with members of the UVF music faculty. 

All lessons are organized and paid for in full prior to the start of camp. Students who wish to take these optional lessons must fill out the appropriate section of the Private Lessons (PDF).

Lessons are scheduled with a teacher based on availability. Lessons will take place during designated times throughout the day. No lessons are scheduled outside of the 8 AM – 5 PM class day.

Important Things to Note Campers are expected to participate in all scheduled activities.
What to Pack Specific packing information can be found in your handbook. See a suggested list of items to pack.
Shuttle Service A shuttle service is available to and from the airport, train and bus stations.

The deadline to request shuttle service is two weeks before the start of camp. Complete the  Shuttle Service Request Form (PDF) to make your arrangements.


Read about dorm rooms and roommates.

The deadline to submit the Roommate Request Form (PDF) is two weeks before your camp starts.

*Recreational activities will include games, movie night, bowling and a night at Arnold’s Family Fun Center. 

To read more information about camp life read the Camp Life (PDF).

Example Schedule

7:15 am



8:00 am

Worship and Devotions

Held in Flower Chapel


8:30 am

Advanced Music Theory Classes or Middle School Electives


9:30 am

Basic Music Theory or High School Electives


10:30 am

Middle School Ensemble/High School Individual Practice

Private Lessons may also be held during this time


12:00 pm



1:00 pm

High School Ensemble/Middle School Individual Practice

Private Lessons may also be held during this time


2:30 pm

Master Classes

(Voice, piano, or instrument)


3:15 pm



3:30 pm

Middle School Ensemble/High School Individual Practice

Private Lessons may also be held during this time


4:30 pm

High School Ensemble/Middle School Individual Practice

Private Lessons may also be held during this time


5:30 pm



7:00 pm

Organized Recreational Activities

Recreational activities will include games, movie night, bowling, and a night at Arnold’s Family Fun Center.


11:00 pm


Lights Out